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About us


Back in those days when we’ve just opened our first copy and print center in 1992 on Manhattan’s 12th Street, there was simply nothing like that in the city. We were virtually the first (and the biggest) conventional and digital printing company at the time. The thing is, that even considering how many companies we do compete with these days, there’s still no one like us, just like then.

Why Our Quality is the Highest

24/7 service

The Services Range


We’re proud that our printing services vary from simple postcards and biz cards to hi-res, books and promo materials.

The Professionalism



With a 24/7 working hours schedule, we always pay big attention to stay ahead of the timing.

Sensible Pricing


Our prices make sense! That is true for all the services we provide, including our prioritized Emergency Printing!

Our Executive Managers

John Peabody




The leader of our pack, John has been working in the printing industry for more than 20 years! His extensive experience helps each single member of our team to progress further!

Arthur Wade




While Arthur has been here right from the very start, just like our founder John, he’s always been more of an operational worker, than just a manager! Regardless of that his supervision matters!

Lars Short




Lars has an extensive knowledge both as a graphic designer and as a printing specialist. His lead over our routine operations and his quality assurance has saved us a lot of trouble!

Walter Mitty




When Walter switched his previous job at one of the printing companies that we compete with, we were excited that he chose us! His managerial experience is priceless!

Printing anything from postcards and biz cards to hi-res and books is what we're good at!

We guarantee our experts will be there in under 30 minutes!